Our range of unitised Road trunks, each compatible with the VersaRack & VersaTray inserts.

Each flight case is manufactured using our custom designed single angle, or double angle, and using our choice of 9mm birch plywood with .8mm high pressure laminate (HPL) 

All sizes are optimised for standard truck pack configuration.  Stacked or tipped, these cases will streamline your packing process.

These cleverly designed Road Trunk Flight cases will change the way you pack, ship and store your sensitive, fragile and high value equipment.

From the 600mm “Cube” to the 1200mm “Jumbo” all cases are built to the same unsurpassed standard.  

Absolute Perfection!

  • 10mm wall thickness
  • Vast range of Colours
  • Comprehensive range of panel materials
  • Truck pack compatible
  • Penn Elcom hardware

Standard VersaFlex BTA Road Trunk Flight Case options menu:

  • Extra 4 handles.
  • PAL label dish.
  • Wheel stacking cups (deep)
  • Wheel stacking cups (shallow)
  • Padlock able latch(s)
  • Lid lifting handle.
  • Cable exit with rubber dish
  • Double angle construction
  • Full sized 18mm birch wheel board
  • Extra 2 castors
  • Auto-Swivel castors
  • 10mm Foam lining
  • Tracking tag


VersaFlex BTA compatible inserts:

  • ½ VersaTray (Cube compatible)
  • Full VersaTray
  • ¼ VersaTray (2 per Cube, 4 per 1200 and 3 per 900)
  • 2u VersaRack
  • 3u VersaRack
  • 4u VersaRack
  • 5u VersaRack
  • Short Divider
  • Tall Divider


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