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Peli™ Storm 2100

Peli™ Storm 2100


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Finding suitable protective waterproof cases needn’t be difficult. Looking for the ultimate protection for your smaller valuables? Absolute Casing is an official provider of the world-renowned Peli Storm Case, a strong, reliable flight case that enables you to transport your products safely.

The Peli Storm 2100 case is ideal for various applications and contents and can easily transport goods from one location to another while keeping them perfectly intact. Able to withstand mid-journey bumps and pressure from other cases or objects, the Peli Storm Case 2100 is ideal for moving your smaller, more delicate belongings via car, coach, bus or plane.

It’s even designed to meet stringent airline carry-on regulations, so you don’t need to worry about getting held up with your Peli Storm Case at the airport! And with a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured your Peli Storm Case is built to last and always proves to be a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to transporting your products from one location to the next, you can count on the team at Absolute Casing to provide you with the most efficient solution.

Price is inclusive of delivery costs.

Features include:

Two press and pull latches for easy and quick access free from sticking
Double-layered, soft-grip handle for comfortable, relaxed carrying
Two lockable hasps to keep the case tight and secure at all times
Vortex® valve to help keep surface stormwater at bay in damp conditions
Flush powerful hinges for robust and reliable opening and closing
Meets carry-on regulations making air travel a breeze
Lightweight strong HPX® resin to help the case withstand fluctuating temperatures
Watertight to keep your belongings damp-free
IP67-rated protection for the best water and dust resistance
Guaranteed for life to protect your items for decades to come

How does the Peli Storm Case 2100 keep items stable?
Along with its incredibly hard outer shell - which is able to stand up to rigorous impact from external objects - when purchased through Absolute Casing, the Peli Storm Case 2100 can be paired with our ultra-light foam inserts which hold your precious items perfectly in place from the start of your journey to the end. Other waterproof cases you find may also be durable, but they won’t stop your item from rattling around on the inside during transport, which could cause unexpected damage. To find out more about our bespoke foam inserts, get in touch with Absolute Casing today.

Is the Peli Storm Case 2100 totally sealed?
Yes, thanks to its IP67 protection status, the Peli Storm Case 2200 boasts the highest rating for both dust and waterproof protection. This means your items will remain protected even if the case is caught by an unfortunate spillage. Plus, the special Vortex® valve is designed to siphon external water away from the case quickly and safely, so there’s absolutely no chance of unwanted water leaking into the case. We have a large selection of waterproof cases for you to choose from, along with the Peli Storm Case 2100 - you can check them out here.

Can I keep my Peli Storm Case 2100 in my car?
We wouldn’t recommend keeping it in your car permanently (even though it’s super durable) but the Peli Storm Case 2100 is able to hold up to the sudden changes in humidity your car experiences, thanks to the strong HPX® resin used in its construction. This also means you’d be able to keep your Peli Storm Case 2100 in other extreme weather conditions, like very low or very high temperatures, without it affecting anything kept inside. If you’d like to know more about the suitability of our Peli Storm Cases for the environments you work or travel in, speak to a member of the team today.


Over the years we have supplied cases to just about every market sector, including, but not limited to; Medical, Audio Visual, Formula 1, Football and many more. We believe in providing cases that are right first time and built to last. This is why we have a dedicated CAD/CAM department for design, and supply products with only the best materials and parts. Combine this with our competitive price, fast turnaround and the ability to work to your deadline, and it’s easy to see why customers keep coming back.


Whether you require a custom built flight case, Peli™ case, SKB, bespoke padded bag or shipping crates we will have a solution for your needs. If you can’t see what you are looking for on our site, give one of our sales representatives a call and they will be happy to help find you a practical protective solution.


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